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The Fraser River Gold Rush and the Victoria Newspaper Boom,  An Exhibition for the UBC Library, 2005 by Jeremiah Saunders.

Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers, 1858-1922  An index to the British Colonist and on some topics to other  Victoria newspapers created by Leona Taylor and Dorothy Mindenhall.  

Times Colonist 150th Anniversary  containing stories about the history of newspaper and the people who made dramatic stories.

The first newspapers on Canada's west coast: 1858-1863  by Hugh Doherty.

Amor deCosmos and Freemasonry.  A website on the British Colonist's First  editor/publisher  and his links to Freemasonry.

Checklist of Indexes to British Columbia Newspapers   Library and  Archives of Canada.

Other Historical British Columbia Newspapers

British Columbia Historical Newspapers (UBC Library)

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