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The Daily Colonist (1966-01-30) page(44)
wheel pump at Barkerville. —Evelyn Burt-Smith. K •
The Daily Colonist (1978-01-22) page(64)
diseendantK here in town TODAY, when you visit Barkerville you may lake I lie ooarh ride up to Richfield
The Daily Colonist (1979-02-11) page(85)
to Barkerville goldfields. FREIGHTING BY MULTI-HORSE TEAMS and covered wagon trains on the
The Daily Colonist (1959-06-12) page(20)
Breathing ‘Triple-R ’Squads Netv Deal For Civil Defence Army Life into Barkerville or artillery units
The Daily Colonist (1911-10-15) page(25)
abroad the secrets of aeons. Nowhere is this air of expectancy more ap-parent than in Barkerville—tumble
The Daily Colonist (1965-03-21) page(51)
spells of duty at Williams I-ake, Barkerville, Grand Forks. Pouce Coupe, Chilliwack, Kamloops. Winnipeg
The Daily Colonist (1959-05-10) page(54)
Barkerville, besideCreek where HMSMIt hi was taken In the 1 SOS's. Still Prowl'T'HE ■t coming a reality
The Daily Colonist (1966-07-03) page(53)
the seed of the Billy Barker legend that lives on al Barkerville. by WILLIAM THOMAS Billy would probably
The Daily Colonist (1973-07-15) page(65)
BARKERVILLE' Church, still in servicet. Savior's
The Daily Colonist (1975-12-07) page(89)
fÜ WH ST. SAVIOUR’S Anglican Church at Barkerville. IN SEARCH OF GOLD A ghost town, a bunch
The Daily Colonist (1980-07-06) page(57)
In BarkervilleApril, 1925 mark­ ed the highlight of a lifetime for 86-year- old prospector Bill Brown of Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1966-07-03) page(54)
to the development of Barkerville for even top government officials admit his standards of excellence
The Daily Colonist (1964-09-13) page(47)
had just returned from a summer jaunt to Barkerville. It was while he related his impres­sions
The Daily Colonist (1978-08-13) page(70)
« « • * rtuouvmvSTABLE *##»«»* * i BARKERVILLE'S
The Daily Colonist (1911-07-30) page(36)
presented itself in respect to the protec- tion of Barkerville from periodical overflowby the v.'aters
The Daily Colonist (1970-11-15) page(64)
-neglected fiatland ol Barkerville. As for Billy, now a prosperous, respected businessman, he decided
The Daily Colonist (1967-07-23) page(50)
Wells now sits, it was Barkerville that reaped the glory. For Barker­ville was a dream come true
The Daily Colonist (1964-06-30) page(16)
for tourists at Barkerville this summer. Mita Dorothy Hosie, right, poses with two of her fellow-performers
The Daily Colonist (1962-08-12) page(45)
Town With Memories Now Barkerville has ItsLike Ike tailor trho »pots the figurehead o f hit old ship
The Daily Colonist (1967-07-23) page(51)
for the venture, a* ' -ris on and Barkerville Only now. the gold of le main attraction and, v milling plant
The Daily Colonist (1978-09-03) page(63)
door to doer in Barkerville collecting wood ash. Figuring Barkerville's population was then close
The Daily Colonist (1962-07-15) page(47)
the Barkerville committee would mark the grave of "Billy" Barker, after whom the town of Barkerville was named, I
The Daily Colonist (1972-12-31) page(53)
of the year. Come tourist season, they head back to their happy hunting ground at Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1967-02-05) page(7)
O'Neill And No Regrets flailu CuUiniftt. Victoria 7 Sunday February 5, 1967 Ragtime Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1970-03-15) page(59)
The Daily Colonist (1980-02-03) page(67)
the gold property on Cow Mountain near Barkerville in 1927 there were nu­merous occasions when he
The Daily Colonist (1978-05-14) page(83)
Barkerville annually. It would be interest­ing to know how many of these tourists give the little town
The Daily Colonist (1963-06-23) page(49)
to Barkerville when the latter community was knowr. as the biggest city west of the Great Lakes and north of San
The Daily Colonist (1960-05-22) page(51)
singer and actor, editor of The Cariboo Sentinel, published at Barkerville, now being restored
The Daily Colonist (1969-07-13) page(47)
scenic day’s. “Stop” and see such places as Harrison Hot Springs, Williams Lake, Barkerville “Gay
The Daily Colonist (1966-06-19) page(21)
-- The restoration of Barkerville, the gold rush town where Billy Barker struck pay dirt a century ago, is well worth
The Daily Colonist (1967-03-05) page(50)
, and on tour with the Best of Barkerville. The company, which played In «arly February In Victoria, was so
The Daily Colonist (1975-01-12) page(72)
is the incumbent. Of course the church at Barkerville has had a great deal written alx»ut it. I first saw
The Daily Colonist (1967-02-02) page(13)
k set ^..4 IT illiams Barkerville Really Best Old
The Daily Colonist (1921-10-09) page(21)
Barkerville a popnlatum ofmlaround ijo. P*in« fiftiests at the hotel con- stitutr a cr..w
The Daily Colonist (1911-07-23) page(31)
with the recent overflow of W'illiams creek. Barkerville. through whichsome alarm was occasioned the citizens
The Daily Colonist (1965-06-05) page(8)
in the house, the bilks up in Barkerville may be able to use it But it'i got to be man-size.Every year
The Daily Colonist (1971-07-11) page(62)
Steamers on the route between Yale and Barkerville in the First Week in April . . ." That, with intriguing
The Daily Colonist (1973-09-23) page(20)
students, for he had only two days here before going to the Barkerville summer show to earn some money
The Daily Colonist (1978-10-22) page(68)
of Stanley, on the road to Barkerville. With a small hydraulic monitor Crawford follows leads which were
The Daily Colonist (1961-11-05) page(52)
country, returning each nu and heading back to Barkerville l" I n 'August of 1866 he was hur- rJdly « X
The Daily Colonist (1968-10-16) page(33)
. Barkerville Show Scores .®ag?ftnrttrBBpan StbBnus rWhen Fran Etaeris Inured dir trvvince with his Ceeterras
The Daily Colonist (1977-06-26) page(74)
for the miners who were canoeing from Victoria to the mouth of the Fraser River on their way to Barkerville Today
The Daily Colonist (1980-03-02) page(103)
and Campbell River, you might need your windshield cleaned. Somewhere between Barkerville and Dawson Creek
The Daily Colonist (1962-04-15) page(48)
of BARKERVILLEM uch Ls bring written about the restoration of Barkerville tuid th e variou s aspects of Hfe
The Daily Colonist (1963-01-06) page(40)
summer, two out of three drawn to Barkerville where an extraordinary job eamp reeonstruetion causes
The Daily Colonist (1970-09-25) page(11)
Cast member* of Barkerville •71 revue lead to itege, at opening performance, lawrie Wallace, general
The Daily Colonist (1970-05-10) page(67)
dirt yet, in 1862, that really put the Cariboo on the gold map, and the town of Barkerville sprang up
The Daily Colonist (1979-01-14) page(69)
, Barkerville and Camerontown. Francis Barnard’s affairs had prospered and he was now able to start his famous
The Daily Colonist (1966-07-05) page(33)
from Barkerville to Victoria, waa mining town of Wells, beyond hills In background. — (Cen­tennial
The Daily Colonist (1967-04-18) page(40)
the top.” Barkerville , Hits Chemainus CHEMAINUS—B.C.’s best selling contribution to the Ca­nadian
The Daily Colonist (1967-02-01) page(28)
Royal citizens at a com- -1 Barkerville Will Hit Island AgainThe Vancouver East MLA criticized
The Daily Colonist (1960-07-03) page(47)
to pick up some information, he was in time to see a Barkerville stage pull in, and later in a saloon he
The Daily Colonist (1962-08-11) page(1)
to the Peace River oil fields, historic Barkerville and the site of the Peace River dam. In a week-long tour
The Daily Colonist (1964-07-18) page(10)
., July 18, 1884 ' Drifting Publicity Bottles Haven’t Gone Very Far Barkerville on Wax Another B.C
The Daily Colonist (1911-06-09) page(3)
give some publicity to the merits of the country lying a few miles eaat of Barkerville. namely
The Daily Colonist (1962-08-11) page(25)
will visit Quesm-I. Barkerville. P r i n c e George. Dawson Creek. Fort St. John and Hudson Hope.BARKERVILLE
The Daily Colonist (1961-09-17) page(49)
; they were Just hungry and expectant However, when they re turned from Barkerville four »ran later thlnga
The Daily Colonist (1970-05-24) page(64)
a brand new eight-page section abopt Barkerville. When Wagon Wheels North was first published 10 years ago
The Daily Colonist (1967-01-25) page(39)
Barkerville Storms Parksville Funny Bone»v Mmimrn iri
The Daily Colonist (1966-08-07) page(42)
scan our literary past in the McPherson Library. For if you are like me the little old Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1960-06-12) page(48)
the ghost town of Barkerville. in the Cariboo, can boast the friendliest ghost. It happened back in the gold
The Daily Colonist (1971-02-16) page(7)
. today at the Newcombe Auditorium at the Provincial Museum. Barkerville Back Steered by Fran Kept
The Daily Colonist (1973-11-18) page(74)
historic Barkerville, reputed about 100 years ago as ‘.‘the largest town west of Chicago and north of San
The Daily Colonist (1979-05-03) page(36)
Barkerville comes alive with hope of movie goldBARKERVILLE. B.C. (CP) — If writer Jack Lon­don had arrived
The Daily Colonist (1969-06-08) page(29)
BARKERVILLE SPECIAL”FOUR DAYS . . . THREE NIGHTS Two Departures: July 5 and July 28 > W. A. C. BENNETT
The Daily Colonist (1966-02-27) page(63)
of Barkerville in one hour. . 1 , For this little printing plant had ihefent the whine of the fiddle
The Daily Colonist (1911-10-01) page(25)
, up the Ques-nelle, up Keithley Creek and Antler Creekto Barkerville. There is rich lore to be hadand
The Daily Colonist (1962-08-19) page(47)
Untitled Barkerville’s Old Theatre Royal by Cecil
The Daily Colonist (1962-01-21) page(52)
tM .se» whisked travellers and m ail fr»*m Yale an Barkerville at W illiam s (S e e k . In 1863 the B
The Daily Colonist (1970-09-06) page(58)
the Barkerville gold rush of 1862. Once "his fortune was counted by the hundreds of thousands." but the Billy
The Daily Colonist (1967-12-17) page(50)
was set up, and Peter went back to Barkerville to finish his stint with the Barkerville Company, secure
The Daily Colonist (1967-01-21) page(15)
the most dangerous game of ail Barkerville Sold Out PIZZABoth evening performances of The Best
The Daily Colonist (1965-09-26) page(54)
hold of Fort Steele had its origin in the restored goldtown of Barkerville Public approval
The Daily Colonist (1965-09-26) page(55)
. Unlike Barkerville where many buildings and relics of the gold rush days were intact few re­mained
The Daily Colonist (1964-09-06) page(46)
to reconstituted Barkerville. Whig] is only right and Atting. For after <• all it was Barkerville's gold
The Daily Colonist (1971-02-28) page(51)
seen. - 1 , He was only about 20, lean and muscular, when he first hit goldrush Barkerville, and after
The Daily Colonist (1971-01-26) page(11)
. They said they would have Barkerville Revue On IslandBarkerville ’71, an all-new revue featuring
The Daily Colonist (1973-10-21) page(66)
: Rich­field. Antler Creek, Fort Yale, Williams Creek and Barkerville. However, at no time did the Island
The Daily Colonist (1975-06-29) page(65)
J. Ritchie, staking the Cariboo claim. I went on a mile to Barkerville, where I boarded at $33
The Daily Colonist (1976-01-04) page(65)
. You’ve probably seen the Barkerville exhibit at the museum, featuring the picture of Bill Phinney A much
The Daily Colonist (1979-02-04) page(80)
when the saloons ran out of liquid sustenance. Almost overnight Barkerville was born and, with its
The Daily Colonist (1980-03-16) page(73)
on to Barkerville. However, weeks later, even the excitement of the “largest town west of Chicago and north of San
The Daily Colonist (1966-07-05) page(29)
. Centennial Stagecoach in 60 days, started at 10 a.m. "The crowd went wild.” said left Barkerville Monday
The Daily Colonist (1886-10-02) page(2)
Barker villoj ; afterwards detailingan account of the country from Clintonto Barkerville . At Soda creek
The Daily Colonist (1970-06-21) page(18)
rush era lives again in this sourdough capital, starting June 30. Barkerville's 12th tourist season
The Daily Colonist (1970-02-25) page(21)
is responsible for collecting materials for the provincial government's two restored towns Barkerville and Fort
The Daily Colonist (1970-02-25) page(49)
is responsible for collecting materials for the provincial government’s two restored towns Barkerville and Fort
The Daily Colonist (1965-10-31) page(53)
AT BARKERVILLE PHILIP HANKIN . . told ol Cariboo in memoirs splendid health and always slept like a top
The Daily Colonist (1967-01-15) page(41)
is the Beet of Barkerville stage show sched­uled to appear here Jan. 18 at 8 p.m. at the junior high school
The Daily Colonist (1967-02-08) page(19)
of Barkerville” when it came Ganges recently. This highly entertaining vaudeville show, with its songs music
The Daily Colonist (1967-03-19) page(27)
of Peace River Dam. Barkerville and Nlc- filJa Valley, etc. 23 seats left. Peaee River TourJuly 5th
The Daily Colonist (1971-07-20) page(120)
. Eventually, of course, they discovered the Eldorado that, tor a brief moment in time, made Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1961-11-01) page(10)
, Ha*. 1, IM I Barkerville Miner Celebrates His 99th Aa eld Burkrrvttlr miner yesterday received
The Daily Colonist (1963-10-10) page(8)
, and for Barkerville r>
The Daily Colonist (1965-11-14) page(56)
Lake Lodge, about 18 miles east of Barkerville. The trail ahead looked wet, muddy, inter­esting. We
The Daily Colonist (1966-05-29) page(25)
tour to Barkerville, verv good Cariboo Trail. Kamloops Nicola Val­ley, Meritt. Manning Park, etc
The Daily Colonist (1966-07-05) page(1)
Barkerville Monday on a 540-mile journey to Victoria. Bombers Hit Key Targets SAIGON (AP) — U.S. air power
The Daily Colonist (1966-03-11) page(11)
. $2,500.000 Budgeted is on Williams Creek near the Barkerville museum. “If they'd have worked that land
The Daily Colonist (1964-01-05) page(38)
a century ago, in tha year that saw St to 86 million dollars worth of Barkerville gold pour Into Victoria’s