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The Daily Colonist (1973-05-20) page(67)
- and history has forgotten - that stormy night of Sept. 29, 1899, when matronly Agnes Bing met her death
The Daily Colonist (1973-05-20) page(68)
sur­rounding the horrible murder of Mrs. Agnes Bing (sic) the police may be said to be one step nearer
The Daily Colonist (1971-09-05) page(58)
I* H 'tjF-'* Photo and Story by AGNES DUKE MUSIC
The Daily Colonist (1962-05-23) page(47)
of hours and. curious to the tnvestlg*- In accord with Ska element* went by. Bings began to th in k i tors
The Daily Colonist (1963-11-24) page(23)
of Tunis, former Prime Minister Louis St Laurent former U.S. President Harry Truman, singer Bing Crosby
The Daily Colonist (1969-11-02) page(48)
.) •-Agnes Duke photo. ( „ I
The Daily Colonist (1975-01-25) page(47)
The Bing Crosby Tournament. - t ' ' - . ■ ■ 1
The Daily Colonist (1963-03-03) page(55)
with the ,dea of returning ’ there to enter the world of music, for he loved to Bing and he had a good voice
The Daily Colonist (1970-03-08) page(50)
. -Agnes Duke photo.
The Daily Colonist (1970-05-10) page(55)
on Pages 10 and 11. —Agnes Duke photo.«
The Daily Colonist (1960-03-13) page(37)
* ON THE INSIDE: HORSE and BUGGY DAYS By Agnes TatePages 14-15 PRIDE Of the ARMY By George NicholsonPage 5
The Daily Colonist (1969-07-27) page(53)
tlielr selections with admirable skill. Mina Agnes Dler, In Thdaloro Look's 'Song of tlie Brink' showed
The Daily Colonist (1951-06-03) page(2)
the L’niverstty ofSeattleThe two. Annetta Adela V. C* eiUo and Sister Mary Agnes Clairt Agnes Katherine
The Daily Colonist (1944-11-05) page(18)
Kru- aupporllng caat locludea .AiuuhempnlsON THK BCRClL.NA i laa Road to Stngapare.**alamng Bing
The Daily Colonist (1974-10-05) page(47)
continued5— Hollywood Squares6— Gunsmoke continued7— Police Surgeon8— Bing Crosby—Special9— Teacher
The Daily Colonist (1963-10-23) page(14)
and a home-baking contest. General convener is Mrs. Agnes Scurrah of the mothers* dub assisted by Mrs. Helen
The Daily Colonist (1965-07-18) page(18)
owned Jointly by Cana- Max Beil and Frank Mc- U.S. crooner Bing It a runaway In yards of the 154
The Daily Colonist (1975-06-29) page(62)
School, which goes back to before the turn of the century. Agn^s Deans Cameron taught at . South Park
The Daily Colonist (1978-07-08) page(57)
wedding plans. Bing Crosby plays Kelly's ex-husband (1856). Ma and Pa Kettle In Waiki­ki, oa 11 at 1:36
The Daily Colonist (1979-04-04) page(50)
and close friends, Agnes and Aubrey Blanchard of Chilliwack.Funeral service In McCall Bros. Chapel
The Daily Colonist (1979-10-14) page(89)
buildings to James Bay bridge. fisted m - fqftSgU&Q*we^oj % Viiv VICTORIA MEMORIES... and Agnes 'Deans
The Daily Colonist (1933-10-14) page(5)
. . of Girls Song Ladenand Gay, Gla-morous Story w 1 TOO MUCHHARMONY BING CROSBYJACK OAKItSheets
The Daily Colonist (1976-12-14) page(33)
into than to get out of") and named its author as an Agnes Allen, of Texas. Agnes Allen Was not further
The Daily Colonist (1976-08-22) page(64)
V It's great news to hear that Agnes Newton Keith
The Daily Colonist (1972-05-12) page(15)
Contempt Seven18 Pi. DiamondIS PL Diamond14 PL Diamond Engagement Bing*8 PL Diamond 13 PL Diamond
The Daily Colonist (1900-06-30) page(7)
, tearher To Secondl'rimerElizabethikell , MadelineDavies , Levi DendrifC , Ernest Davidson ,Agnes Minnie
The Daily Colonist (1971-02-21) page(47)
-splashed waters at Ross Bay, Agnes Duke photo. __________ ■ X . x *» À. &ss>»^A •*»? *? <ÿK- wâê
The Daily Colonist (1969-01-15) page(45)
for a bing Beverage. 48 fl. oz. tin................... Bel-air Froxen Valley Gold.With Pectin Added
The Daily Colonist (1974-02-23) page(31)
CLUBDUNCAN. B.C. President: BING WISE A Clean Sweep WelcomeFrom the South Island Zone Curling Clubs
The Daily Colonist (1966-12-24) page(15)
. Gordon Hall, Mr. and Mrs. 3 Beverley Hall of Vancouver; Miss Agnes Payer, Edmonton; Mr. « and Mrs. Robert
The Daily Colonist (1946-07-05) page(7)
^ at For a honeymoon In the Fraser the wedding of Agnes < Nancy* fT CCanyon, the bride donned a beige Hepburn, elder
The Daily Colonist (1944-11-08) page(16)
in thePacific — 100.000 square miles ofjungle ^ Bing Crosby Bob Hope ,^|0uruthv Liftour Regular 3.99.Sires
The Daily Colonist (1947-12-23) page(10)
aMerry ChrisUnasReivoru from £p4im >aid the « 'inM.1 Evr dmtiei «iii im- ip.^abundant than a year agn
The Daily Colonist (1970-04-03) page(25)
. Traditional or contemporary . . . Men’s styles too. FOB 10 DAYS ONLY r FEATURE VALUE31 ONLY Bing Mountings
The Daily Colonist (1966-05-03) page(34)
of auction go to aid Lions’ charities.—(Agnes Flett) Around the Isand Pearkes to Attend ParadeLAKE COWICHAN
The Daily Colonist (1975-12-27) page(65)
; Sarah Scott, percussion). 12 Midnight - That Midnight Jan — Satchmo, narrated by Bing Crosby and Benny
The Daily Colonist (1968-01-25) page(40)
building will replace demolished hotel. —(Agnes Flett) 1 UCLUELET — Materials have arrived at the site
The Daily Colonist (1964-09-02) page(29)
. — (Agnes Flett) Around the Island 1061 YATES, at COOKNANAIMO — Dredging for the third berth
The Daily Colonist (1959-12-13) page(69)
as it came on the heels of another mysterious . happening. Onlv a week before, a Mrs. Agnes Bings, a quiet
The Daily Colonist (1945-04-29) page(20)
"AtlanticCrossroads" » • « *SftftrU NiitH,| f M.rrt. MelwSjr mm I Carlftftn EdwardArnold. Donna Reed. Agnes Moore
The Daily Colonist (1976-06-12) page(64)
that Includes a montage of his cameo appearances In his movies; * salute to Bing Crosby; and a memorial
The Daily Colonist (1978-01-07) page(54)
-Majors and Mikhail Baryshinkov; and tributes to Joan Crawford, Elvis Presley, Groucho Marx, Bing Crosby
The Daily Colonist (1964-08-07) page(35)
to lookout station atop 4,144-foot Mt Hooker. —(Agnes Flett) active to July L probably will be signed next
The Daily Colonist (1966-07-06) page(31)
they said ruined 85 per cent of the area's Bing cherry crop. * * *They agreed overall losses wUl be kept
The Daily Colonist (1909-07-02) page(3)
Mcftll-llvray , William Simlllle , Agnes Stewart , Dorothy Taylor , Florence Webster .Florence West
The Daily Colonist (1924-01-19) page(8)
went with the "biff,bing. hang" characteristic of theOumbell productions. It will bo repeated again
The Daily Colonist (1961-02-26) page(40)
-BY Agnes Carne Tate Page 5 Trickle o f tenter in irrigation ditches became little rivers daring January
The Daily Colonist (1969-06-01) page(50)
. ' Photo by Agnes Duke. •!' / • ' !■' r •’Z- ; -' ■ ? . tr< .*• j J- \ : 7 i. .' • .■ » ■• ' . ■ • y
The Daily Colonist (1960-08-07) page(37)
■ •' s ' 4a fishermen IWNPAY, AÜOUST 7, lt AGNES
The Daily Colonist (1966-08-12) page(15)
on Palace★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Remarkable Bing, Dorothy Miss
The Daily Colonist (1978-12-02) page(66)
have made significant contributions to American culture through the performing arts." Bing Crosby
The Daily Colonist (1979-10-23) page(37)
. WANTEDOlder 2 bedroom with or without basement. Any area. Immediate THINKING OF BUYING OR SELLING? Call Bing
The Daily Colonist (1977-10-16) page(36)
, one -of Bing Crosby’s sons came to Spain Saturday to claim his father’s body. - "I know he died
The Daily Colonist (1965-01-28) page(46)
for Parktablishmem liui were turned William Frank Lamb of> The first involved Bing KenDuncan was sentenced to nine
The Daily Colonist (1945-06-15) page(10)
The Daily Colonist (1972-08-23) page(28)
,13.10, French Creek, Flashtall. Vic William, Perksviile# 13.2, French Creek, Hootchy. Bing Plstell
The Daily Colonist (1958-03-27) page(44)
> . and immigt.mis wtio pros'drnt W, n Fk'ntk'y agn^ed "h|oh in. ludo f>oif of sAonirh I ?• O'lp 01 a’M'fT t pi
The Daily Colonist (1963-12-20) page(18)
invaded I the audience to kiss gii Is. scare | As Danw Agnes. Cliff Tfark was excellent; vigorous
The Daily Colonist (1964-01-28) page(21)
PARKING computer named Agnes. It’s a pilot film for a possible new series . . . UPI . quotes an in­formed
The Daily Colonist (1970-11-04) page(42)
opportunity to tape stories from residents. In Agnes Kiel I picture, Sue Lem Bing, whose store was one
The Daily Colonist (1959-10-30) page(13)
, and Holliday. Swedish centre forward Agne Slmondson, whose two great second-halt goals, turned the tide, had
The Daily Colonist (1970-10-10) page(42)
poles had to be moved.—(Agnes Flett) a Courtenay Group Big Brothers Seek Charter COURTENAY — Members
The Daily Colonist (1965-02-14) page(43)
Friday by E IN to Nanaimo on find Mage of journry to national museum. — (Agnes Flett > Two Actions Win
The Daily Colonist (1965-04-23) page(27)
Reiner, Mel Brook* and walkons by Bob Hope, Bing Croaby and many more—5. 9:00—Danny Kaye and Gwen Verdon
The Daily Colonist (1967-02-18) page(39)
, Mrs. Edna Fraser, Mrs. Minchin, Mrs. Stewart Bannister, Mrs. Agnes Baker, Mrs. Guy Cunning­ham. Mrs
The Daily Colonist (1967-11-24) page(43)
in Twelve Angry Jurors, by Les Dickenson, who won Osgar last year for his role In Dock Brief. — (Agnes Flett
The Daily Colonist (1968-01-20) page(37)
s —Agnes Flett photos Wild Wavy Blue YonderBy WAYNE THOMAS COMOX — Unification won’t be quite so
The Daily Colonist (1964-12-01) page(34)
took over during rest of weekend.—(Agnes Flett I Snow Ham pert Firemen Court News termIn Parksville
The Daily Colonist (1956-01-05) page(30)
•(,llie Callfnrma hrchw - p. (ml te- tlead on arrival M '* FU>--ino cnmimini!-. hospii.ti win- S: *Agnes
The Daily Colonist (1960-08-04) page(18)
, coco­nut maraschino cherries.CANTELOUPE BING tender celery cut into not-too- thin slices crosswise
The Daily Colonist (1943-12-15) page(10)
to a brilliantperformance. lulion," several “chain store" farmI system operators have been grab-bing the aspirin bottle
The Daily Colonist (1946-04-06) page(7)
. Cranbrook and Kamloops-First Class: M. Cynthia Bing, Mary LouLse Briggs. F Mary Bruad-wood. Phyllis Mabel
The Daily Colonist (1946-03-15) page(3)
— and when that girl is GingerRogers -movie audiences really have gareL Agnes Moorehead glvaa an someLhlng
The Daily Colonist (1946-07-04) page(7)
(Nsrs and ik*«M w caartT ci aaNiKO Gardes 4952m viTw sTmarr shall. Mary R Stewart. Agnes Rob-ertson
The Daily Colonist (1950-11-04) page(7)
CLUBRogers’ Ctiocolale Co.713 GOVERNMENT G 7WlDANCE TQM rWULlOUtS CAlNkSAAHH (TVOJIAK SAg:r suaiVANiag»r,Agn
The Daily Colonist (1947-03-08) page(3)
“lerrtfk* potentlaUUea fordevelopment “ • If we want to expand In ilveseareas, we must be sure that agn
The Daily Colonist (1972-03-16) page(16)
Victoria, B.C., Thenyday, March 16, 1972? Four Grammy A wards Carole Tops Show mmimsmm,. — Agnes F left
The Daily Colonist (1972-12-09) page(54)
11938 Bing Crosbv musical ». Fair—2. 12:00 — She Demons (1958 monsters), Irish McOalla. Poor — 8. 12
The Daily Colonist (1960-12-23) page(15)
, Ont.; Mrs. John I Agnes i Mix, Vermillion, Alta.; Mr. Cecil Stringer, Mrs. H. IBermal Jackson, Mrs. H
The Daily Colonist (1973-05-20) page(1)
and to this day the bi­zarre and brutal murder of matronly Agnes Bing has not been solved. “It «addens me to see
The Daily Colonist (1973-05-20) page(53)
of matronly * l Agnes Bing has not been solved. IndexBridge .........................................I
The Daily Colonist (1975-10-18) page(52)
historians Men Koplin and Charles ('.linker who show early lilm clips ol Hope with Bing Crosby. <9b mins
The Daily Colonist (1975-01-25) page(50)
—Nature of Things4— Bing Crosby Pro-Am5— Hockey continued6— Nature of Thingst!.VrkW«nnJJS1 "11—Movie
The Daily Colonist (1974-11-09) page(27)
APRICOTWenatchee. Moorpark. *" ...h s.ssiact Lambert,Bing, eomi Royal Ann, ____Montmorency. 2 veers old. ,.ch
The Daily Colonist (1975-06-28) page(56)
, Harvey Korman, Goris Leachman, Agnes Moore- head) are wasted in this 1971 comedy-drama about a newly
The Daily Colonist (1974-08-17) page(51)
- able Joan of Arc. Others in the cast include Agnes Moore- head, Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, John
The Daily Colonist (1975-11-08) page(70)
Jazz — A 10-week BBC series, ,‘Satchmo,\ narrated by Bing Crosby and Benny Carter. Tonight: Louis
The Daily Colonist (1976-08-22) page(58)
was an all-Oak Bay affair with Agnes Wicks and John Wise beating Elsie Young and Ben Lang, 31-12. Frances
The Daily Colonist (1979-11-17) page(83)
1:00GD *** "The Road ToZanzibar" (1941) Bing Çrosbv, Bob Hope. Two men try to come up with enough
The Daily Colonist (1980-04-25) page(25)
has to watch her weight and avoid binges. “You see, you have these fat cells, and they never leave
The Daily Colonist (1960-07-14) page(11)
. REACHES Bing CherriesPlentiful supplies of these plump, juicy, sweet Bings at Safeway lb. V
The Daily Colonist (1960-08-28) page(8)
?. . . . . . . . . . $1.85Wide Meuth Jars KS r*_.$2.29 Zinc Bings a* -Bin Rubber Binge 5S?ti,"-..2 ,„23c NCVW A OUU MOMEMTtNet
The Daily Colonist (1977-10-15) page(27)
T Bing’s Clambake feature of pro tour for 40 years
The Daily Colonist (1978-01-12) page(34)
. 1978 Bing’s widow writing book By HANK WESCHConnutCain News Service Kathryn Crosby is working
The Daily Colonist (1943-07-20) page(3)
. Jack Bing Mar.Lydia Elizabeth Eden Martin, GloriaInez Millard. George Joseph Mitch-ell, Ailcrn Helen
The Daily Colonist (1935-06-28) page(12)
. Bernard Bing, Phoebe .Hurchett. Shiriev Campbell, Anne, MONTREAL. June 2*7 -BritishColUson Gloria bavles
The Daily Colonist (1976-08-22) page(66)
there, he was to be on the same show. Says Agnes. The make-up girls were all fluttering around making
The Daily Colonist (1942-07-10) page(2)
, 1B41. anti-Bmieh dem* Agnes Bnily Bryson. Binging — j Measures Act, P,Irene Gray. Wmona Hilton. 11*1
The Daily Colonist (1961-06-18) page(35)
. G O A B R O A D ! For Educationby GRAY CAMPBELL P a g e 7 ★ EARLY V IC T O R IAby AGNES
The Daily Colonist (1961-01-15) page(37)
through a. lush and lovrfy CMwIryaUn.— Islamiti- photo by TVd Harris. Agnes». Carne TatePages 12 and 13